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Head Start Academy
An innovative school for underprivileged girls and boys

In Tanzania, despite well-developed public and private education systems, many poor children are left out. Girls are not given the opportunities they deserve.


In Moshi, an experienced school director, with the assistance of European partners, generated a new concept to provide an excellent education to disadvantaged children:

  • Half the children come from the poorest families in Moshi. Girls have a priority.
  • The other half come from families who can afford to pay a modest fee.
  • The school grows yearly from kindergarten to higher-levels.
  • The plan is to create higher grade classes as the children grow up, from elementary to college level.
  • Most of the teaching is done in English.
  • The school has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children and by the local Education Board.

Our vision for the future

Starting from scratch in 2019 with little means and a single classroom, the development of the school was successful. The economic balance between the tuition-free children and those who pay a modest stipend sustained the growth without large outside contributions. Four teachers and one matron were hired.

Obviously, as the children grow in age and numbers, larger facilities are required; logically an upper level should be created every year.

To prepare for the future, the founders have purchased the property that is contiguous to the existing building. The goal is to build an economical and functional school building. Larger funds are necessary to achieve this goal.

Potential donors are invited to contact us for further information.


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The Head Start Academy

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An innovative school for underprivileged girls and boys.

The circumstances

The National Call by the government for private participation in the establishment of Non-Government Schools is a result of the 1980 Education Sector Policy, a major Education and Training Policies shift.

The context

The Kilimanjaro region is well-known for a high education level. In Tanzania, it is the region with the most high-performance schools. Local parents in Moshi are still seeking quality education for their children.

Principles of the organization

Operating an education institution is just like any other business: you need the resources to jumpstart your vision, skills, and know-how to manage the business and to deploy your marketing savvy to promote the development.


The school started with a few children with modest means. In 2022, it was officially recognized by the Tanzania Ministry of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children.



Mrs. Halima Msangi


Dr. Daniel Commins


Arch. Lia Kiladis

An innovative school for underprivileged girls and boys.

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